It’s not easy, making the decision to give up on something you’ve used for years like a traditional vacuum cleaner, but making the change to a robot vacuum cleaner is a decision more and more people are making each day. This new category of vacuum cleaner really does have the potential to change your life and, if you buy the right one, make it a lot easier. I first heard about these a couple of years ago, but at the time I thought they were nothing more than a novelty – these days they’re a lot more than that. Like any other product category there are a lot of different choices available to you and that’s why I’ve put together this buying guide to help you decide what the right model is for you.

Surprisingly, there is a lot of variety in this product category and, depending on your needs, you may pay as little as $40 for a basic cleaner or as much as $1000 for one of the more advanced models on the market. When you’re trying to decide which model’s right for your family you’ll want to consider how large your home is and what type of flooring you have, as not all models are appropriate in every situation. In this guide I go over some of the key features that robot vacuum cleaners may include and how they may benefit you, depending upon your situation. If you want to find out a little more about any particular topic simply follow the link to find out more.

What Surfaces Will It Work On?

You should be very careful about running out and buying the first robot vacuum cleaner you come across, as there really are a lot of variations between different models. There are models that will work exclusively on hard floor surfaces; if you have a home that’s fully carpeted you’ll want to avoid this type of model. There also models that can work on some carpeting, but not all of them. It’s important to know what you’re buying, and if you follow this link we’ll explain the differences in more depth.

Is It Programmable?

Some robot vacuum cleaners are very basic – they have a button on the top that you push to start the cleaning process and that’s about it. There are others that are quite complex and these may allow you to create detailed schedules of when you want the robot to clean and how often you’d like it to clean. There are also a whole host of choices in between; we explain them all here.

Protecting against Allergies

If you live in a home with pets you’re bound to be exposed to a fair number of allergens on a daily basis. This can be a problem for both you and your children, but with the right vacuum cleaner you can reduce the risk of pet dander and other associated germs. In fact, there are several robot vacuum cleaner models that include special filters for handling allergens and other microscopic germs. In this article we explain how this type of technology works.

Control from a Distance

It’s pretty awe-inspiring to realize that you can now buy a product that will clean your home for you, but many models also include remote control technology that allow you to take some control of the process without getting off the couch. Depending upon the model you’re looking at, these remotes can be very basic or quite complex. We take a closer look at the different type of options available in this article.

How It Maps Your Rooms

The way that a robot vacuum cleaner handles the cleaning chores in your home can be very different depending upon which model you’re considering. Some simply have a basic algorithm they use to clean in a certain pattern and others can actually take a look at your room and decide the best way to approach the cleaning. How a robot vacuum cleaner maps a room before it cleans it will determine how good of a job it does at removing dirt from your floors. Here you’ll find a guide of the different options out there.

How Do You Recharge?

All recharge methods are not created equal. If you don’t mind doing a little work you can probably save a little money by buying a robot vacuum cleaner that doesn’t use a recharging base, but if you’re willing to spend a little extra, a model with a recharging base is probably better. We look at the different choices available to you here.

It’s Cleaning Options

There are robot vacuum cleaners that are very limited in what they can do and others that can completely replace your current cleaning options. If your home is covered exclusively with hard floors you may be content with a model that simply dusts them for you. Essentially, there are three distinct cleaning duties that a robot vacuum cleaner can fulfill: vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. If you click here you’ll find our take on the advantages and disadvantages of models that are limited to one type of cleaning or another.

Can it Detect Stairs and Ledges?

The last concept I’d like to look at is what happens when you come to the top of stairs. With a conventional vacuum you simply pull back on your vacuum cleaner – there’s no risk of it falling off the stairs. However, that is a concern with robot vacuum cleaners, so the best ones have advance stair detection technology that assists them in avoiding potential tragedies. In this article we take a look at how different robot vacuum cleaners handle obstacles in their way.

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