In an ongoing search to find the ideal robot vacuum cleaner I’m continually amazed by the amount of choices in this particular product market – there are tons of different choices! The question then becomes: What exactly are you looking for? Is it more important to you to have all the best features, or are you more concerned about affordability? Perhaps you want something that combines the best of both of these options. In my opinion it’s always smart to look for the best features available at a price you can afford – you should never just settle because something is cheap, as it may end up costing you more in the long run when you have to replace it.

One product that’s a great compromise between price and features is the Ecovacs DEEBOT D35. This little machine is quite affordable at well under $200 and it will do a great job if your floors are predominantly hardwood. That is the important caveat here, as this product is not really meant for carpets.

No Brushes, No Problem

Perhaps the feature I liked best about the DEEBOT D35 is the fact that it doesn’t have any spinning brushes to contend with. That means you don’t have to worry about your electrical wires getting tangled in the machine or any other loose items on the floor. This robot uses a direct suction method of cleaning that simply sucks up the dirt as it goes. It’s also great for pets as you don’t have to worry about them getting their tails tangled up in a brush. I’m not sure I’d want to leave it running when I wasn’t home, but it’s ideal to set it going while you do the dishes.

Low Rider

A great feature of pretty much all robot vacuums is that they’re very low profile, making them ideal to get under your couches and your beds; this model is no different. It’s about 2.5 inches high, which makes it ideal for getting under most furniture items in your home. I know in my home there aren’t too many furniture items that this machine wouldn’t be able to get under and that’s definitely a big plus. This machine really is a low rider.

Efficient Filtering

In order to tackle all of the dust and germs in your environment this machine comes equipped with a high-efficiency filter. That means it can pick up microscopic particles, helping to create a clean and dust-free environment safe from germs – great if you have small children and pets. We all love our family dog, but we don’t love the allergens they leave behind for our children and ourselves. With a machine like this you don’t have to worry about what’s left behind.

Worry Free Cleaning

One thing that’s made me hesitate in making the decision to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner is my concern about how these machines will do around stairs, as there are some steep ones in my home. It turns out most of them have some sort of detection equipment that helps prevent them from falling down stairs, and so does the DEEBOT – it has something called anti-drop technology. Essentially, any drop that’s higher than 3 inches is detected by the machine’s internal sensors and it will turn away from the danger and continue cleaning.

It Knows When It’s Time to Go Home

This model does have its own charging station so you don’t have to worry about manually plugging it in once it’s done its cleaning job. The machine will automatically return to its base after the job is done and will begin charging for its next go around your home. I was surprised to see this feature included in such an affordable robot vacuum as most of the less expensive models I’ve looked at require you to manually plug them in to charge.

It Has Its Own Schedule

Rather than worry about what days are ideal to set this machine in motion and begin cleaning your floors, this robot comes pre-programmed to tackle your floors automatically once a day. That means you never have to worry about when the right time is to clean – the machine worries about that for you. It may not be necessary to clean your floors once a day, but it certainly won’t hurt, and with this machine taking care of the process you’ll probably end up with the cleanest floors you’ve ever had.

Not for Carpets

While this machine does an excellent job on hardwood floors and tiles it’s not meant for carpets – in fact, according to many customers it will simply turn away when it approaches carpet. That means if you have a lot of carpeting in your home you’ll either have to look for a different model or have a regular vacuum for cleaning those separate sections of your floor. Personally, I have a main level that’s 100% hardwood floor and tile so this little model would be perfect, but that all depends on your own personal situation.

A Great Compromise

Overall the DEEBOT D35 seems to be a great choice if you’re planning on using it on hardwood floors and tiles. Its direct suction capability makes it ideal to have around pets, and the fact that it has a charging base which it returns to automatically is an attractive feature as well. When you consider how affordable this model is and all of its great features, it has to be considered one of the best values for money on the market.