The one thing that I’ve really come to realize while writing the various reviews on this site is that just when I think I’ve seen pretty much every option that a robot vacuum cleaner can offer there’s bound to be something to come along and change my mind. I’ve probably said this before but it bears mentioning again, as it surprises me every single time. Most robot vacuum cleaners do a pretty good job of handling dry dirt on hard surfaces, but I’ve yet to come across one that can actually mop your hardwood floors – that is until now.

The Haier SWR-T321 Household Robot Vacuum is an innovative product with both wet and dry cleaning options. It will replace 90% of the floor cleaning chores that you currently do yourself; best of all, it’s extremely affordable at less than $200. It’s packed full of features that are much more commonly found on higher-end models that cost a lot more money.

Wet or Dry

There’s no doubt that the single biggest attraction of this Haier robot vacuum is its ability to be transformed into a wet mop. It comes with a built-in water storage tank that can hold up to 180 mL of water and a Velcro cloth attachment that lets you easily convert it to a mop whenever you’re ready. When you want to use it as a traditional vacuum cleaner you simply remove the cloth and remove the water to begin vacuuming. It’s a simple transition and it’s probably about the only work you really have to do with this model.

You Have Cleaning Choices

With many robot vacuum cleaners you don’t really have a lot of choice – you simply set them on their way and they clean your floor in a predetermined pattern based on complex algorithms with which they’ve been programmed. This vacuum actually has four different cleaning modes for you to choose from. There is an automatic mode, a focused cleaning mode, an edge cleaning mode, and a fixed timer mode. The edge cleaning mode seems particularly useful for making sure that all the dirt that tends to build up along the edges of your walls is given extra treatment.

It’s Ready to Climb

The SWR-T321 isn’t about to climb mount Everest any time soon, but it is designed to handle the strips that are used to transition from hardwood floors to carpet or that separate the rooms in your home. It’s designed to easily climb over obstacles that are up to 3 cm tall, allowing it to make those transitions with very little bother. If you don’t want it to make the transition you can set up virtual wall sensors that come with the machine and that are designed to let it know where the boundaries are that it’s not supposed to go beyond.

Extended Cleaning Time

Most of the robot vacuum cleaners I’ve looked at so far have had a maximum cleaning time of about 90 minutes – that’s pretty good, but if you have a larger home it may not be quite good enough. This vacuum is designed to last up to 120 minutes and with that extra 30 minutes of cleaning time you can accomplish a lot more. When it is time to charge the unit it is designed to return to the charging base itself, although some customers complained this feature doesn’t work very well. Personally, I wouldn’t consider this a major concern as it’s pretty simple to just lift it up and put it in the charging base itself, but for others it may be an issue.

Eliminates Germs in Your Environment

If you have pets in your home you always have to worry about an increase in germs and allergens in your environment. It’s certainly fun having a pet in the home, but it’s not fun when your eyes start to swell from allergies, so it’s a good idea to keep your home as clean as possible. This Haier vacuum has a built in HEPA filter which is designed to eliminate germs, allergens, and other viruses in your environment. It’s a great feature to have – especially if a family member that lives in your home or visits often suffers from allergies.

Take over the Show

One feature that seems to be fairly standard with robot vacuum cleaners is a remote control and this unit also comes with one. That means you can sit back on the couch and help your machine when it gets stuck without ever having to get up out of your seat. You may have to take your eye off your show for a minute or two, but that’s a small price to pay to remain comfortable under your blanket on the couch. You can also use the remote to direct where the vacuum cleans as well – it’s not only for helping the machine when it becomes stuck.

Doesn’t Do Well on Carpet

Perhaps the biggest problem with this vacuum cleaner is that it doesn’t do extremely well on carpets. While it’s designed to transition from hardwood to carpets without much problem, if you’re carpet is not of the low profile variety it will tend to get stuck. Personally I’m really looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that can take care of the hardwood floors on my main level so this one seems just fine, but if you’re looking for an all-purpose cleaner this vacuum may not be versatile enough for your needs.

I Love the Mop Feature

While the Haier SWR-T321 may not be perfect, the fact that it can be used as both a wet and dry cleaning option was enough to attract my attention. It doesn’t hurt that its price tag is under $200 as well. If most of the flooring in your home is hardwood this little device is more than capable of handling your cleaning chores.