I was having a chat the other day with a good friend of mine about my decision to take the plunge and buy a robot vacuum cleaner. As I explained to him how much research I had done into them and how many different options there actually were, he was truly amazed – like me he figured that such advanced products must cost a small fortune. That’s simply not the case. There are many affordable options out there and one of them is the Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 BASIC.

At a price of around $200 this little cleaner is a lot more affordable than most traditional vacuums on the market. I guess it’s the same as with any product – the longer they’ve been on the market the more competitors enter the field and the prices go down.

In the late 80s very few people had big screen televisions because you couldn’t purchase one for less than a couple thousand dollars. These days pretty much everybody has a big-screen TV because the price has fallen considerably. This suggests that as long as a product has a wide appeal and once it becomes affordable, a large portion of the population will start to consider purchasing one.

A Versatile Little Cleaner

Not only is this little vacuum by Infinuvo quite affordable, it also does a great job of giving you lots of cleaning options. It works great as a vacuum cleaner on all hard surfaces and low-profile carpets, and it’s great as a sweeper as well. There may be bigger, more powerful units on the market, but this one picks up a surprising amount of dust and dirt in very little time for such an affordable model. When you’re purchasing a vacuum cleaner the main thing is to consider your own environment and whether or not you think the machine can do the job. If for example, you live in a home with pets and kids, and you have lots of visitors, you may want to consider a more heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. In a house with normal traffic this little cleaner will do just fine.

Programmable Patterns

If you’re not familiar with how robot vacuum cleaners work it’s pretty simple, actually – they have built-in programming directed by complex algorithms which tell the vacuum to move in a certain pattern designed to clean your floors in the most efficient manner. This particular model actually has five different programmable patterns to choose from, making it versatile enough to work well in just about any environment with hard floors.

You Have To Love the Light

A feature that seems to be becoming increasingly popular in robot vacuum cleaners is the ability to sanitize your floors – especially relevant if you have pets in your home. The CleanMate QQ-2 BASIC actually has a built-in UV light mode which will kill bacteria and other germs on your floor left behind by your pets and the dirt that the kids tread into the house on a regular basis. While you may find this feature in other robot vacuum cleaners, it was surprising to find it on such an affordable model, and a pleasant surprise at that.

Quick Charge

The robot vacuum cleaners I’ve had a chance to review so far usually take a little while to charge – the best ones take about four or five hours. That’s why I was very surprised to find that this one can be fully charged within three hours, which is likely more than adequate for most people’s needs. Once it is charged it’s good for about 80 minutes of vacuuming, so unless you’ve got a really large house this vacuum should clean your entire floor with one charge.

You Can Take Control

While it’s nice to program a robot vacuum cleaner and watch it do its job, sometimes you may feel like getting in on the action. That won’t mean you have to get off your chair; you can actually sit in your nice, comfortable recliner and control this vacuum with its remote control. It’s a pretty basic remote control, but it allows you to move the device forward, backward, and side-to-side, which is all you really need.

Works on All Floors

If your home’s anything like mine it probably has more than one type of floor. On our main level we have areas that are carpeted, areas that are hardwood, and a kitchen that’s tiled. All of these surfaces are unique and require a different approach to cleaning, but this vacuum cleaner is actually programmed to adjust to different floor types, whether they’re carpet, tile, hardwood, or laminate.

Has a Tendency to Get Stuck

One of the main complaints about this machine is that it has a nasty tendency of getting stuck. It doesn’t always navigate around obstacles, especially ones with sharp corners, and if it ends up under your couch you may have to go under there to find it. The main reason for purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner is that it’s designed to do all of the work for you and let you sit back and relax – if you have to constantly get up and point the vacuum in the right direction it kind of defeats the purpose.

A Reasonable Gamble

While the fact that the Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 BASIC has a reputation for getting stuck once in a while is a little concerning there still seems to be a lot of people that are satisfied with their purchase of this product. In general it does a pretty good job of cleaning your floors, and at a price well under $200 you really can’t go wrong.