When I started looking into robot vacuum cleaners as an alternative method for cleaning our home I soon figured out that some of them simply aren’t worth the bother. There are several different models with horrible reviews that seem to wander aimlessly without ever really making a dent in your cleaning – you’re probably better off doing the cleaning yourself than using one of these models. Fortunately, there are also a lot of great robot vacuum cleaners that are very efficient at cleaning your floors.

How well a robot vacuum cleaner does with your floors is largely dependent on the type of advanced algorithms that were used to program its logic. Some models operate using very basic traditional patterns that are pre-programmed and don’t really adjust to the layout of your home, but others are very adaptable and can adjust to multiple different layouts. If you aren’t the type of person that’s satisfied with mediocrity, you should be looking for a robot vacuum cleaner that will adjust based on any change you throw at it.

The Wanderer

The most basic type of robot vacuum cleaner can be a little frustrating so you may not want to waste your money on one of these models. Essentially, these cheap robot vacuum cleaners seem to clean in no discernible pattern whatsoever and simply wander aimlessly around your rooms. They don’t do very well with any type of object in the way and most of the time they get stuck very easily. Chances are you’ll become very frustrated very quickly with one of these models and you’ll quickly go back to your old traditional vacuum cleaner – what a waste of money!

The Follower

When you step up to the next level of robot vacuum cleaner you’ll find models that are a lot less frustrating. These types of robot vacuum cleaners that do include pre-installed programming work on set patterns. For example, they may approach the cleaning of your rooms by gradually working their way out in a spiral pattern from the center to the edges. In many cases they will also have an option that allows you to program the machine to tackle the edges of your rooms exclusively and some also allow you to program your machine to concentrate on a specific area for intensive cleaning. These types of pre-programmed vacuum cleaners don’t really think independently, but they’re a big step up from the random wanderers we mentioned above.

The Independent Thinker

The next class of robot vacuum cleaners are what I like to think of as independent thinkers. These vacuums actually include infrared sensors which map your room the first few times they clean it and they actually learn how your rooms are set up so that they can adjust and create the most efficient cleaning schedule possible. They will be a little bit more expensive, but there definitely worth it. The only thing to really worry about with this type of vacuum cleaner is that if you introduce changes to your rooms as after a certain period of adjustment they tend to operate on memory and may not handle new obstacles very well.

The Graduate

When you get into the most expensive models of robot vacuum cleaners you’ll find these units really are what you’d call intelligent robots. They don’t truly think on their own, but their decision-making process, based on their advanced algorithms, will make you think they are. They not only map out your rooms the first few times you use them, but they continuously adjust to any changes in their environment. That’s why I referred to them as the graduate as they really do learn to think independently and they’ll do a great job in almost any situation. Be prepared to spend a little money though, as you should expect to pay in the range of $1000 for this type of model.

The Right Choice

While it’s always nice to have the best of the best it may not be necessary in your own personal situation. If you live in a bachelor apartment that’s pretty much just one room and your floors are quite spartan you may not have any real need for an expensive robot vacuum cleaner that relies on complicated algorithms. In this type of situation I still recommend looking for a machine that uses preset patterns, but you probably don’t need the independent thinker that adjusts to anything new placed in its way. As always, it’s best to look at your own situation and make an educated purchase.

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