A robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the greatest examples of how advancements in technology are changing our lives – we truly have come a long way. As is the case with any type of product that relies on advanced technological programming, there’s a lot of variation in this product category. There are some basic models that simply pick up light dust particles from your floor and then there are some very advanced products that do everything a normal vacuum cleaner does and more.

The iRobot Roomba 980 is without a doubt one of the most advanced technological advances in robot vacuum cleaners on the market. This machine will take care of all your cleaning needs whether your floors are predominately hardwood or carpet – the vacuum cleaner works on both types of flooring. For a high-end product like this though you will pay a high-end price tag, as it retails for about $900.

Multi-room Navigation

One of the biggest criticisms that people have with robot vacuum cleaners is that they don’t do very well transitioning from one room to another. In many cases these little machines simply can’t handle the lip that separates most rooms – they get stuck, or they’re simply not designed to handle the carpet when they move into your living room. The great thing about the iRobot Roomba 980 is that it cleans just as well on carpet as it does on hard floors and it can easily navigate around your home. This machine actually learns the entire layout of the main floor of your home regardless of how many rooms that entails. It uses advanced programming technology to learn and remember your rooms for the next time you put it into use.

Takes a Break and Gets Going Again

After looking at quite a few different robot vacuum cleaners one problem seems to arise over and over again in most models – they don’t always get the job done. Most of these machines are designed to run for about an hour to an hour and a half and then they return to the charging station. The problem with this is if you have a large home they may not complete the job. With this particular model not only does it return automatically to recharge when the batteries running low, but it also resumes right where it left off once it’s recharged so you can be sure that your entire floor gets cleaned.

Don’t Worry about Tangles

With the vacuum cleaner I have now, on more than one occasion some things have become tangled in the machine and I’ve have to stop to undo the tangle – it’s not the end of the world but it is a pain. With the Roomba 980 tangles become yesterday’s problem as this machine has a built in tangle free debris extractor that ensures the robot continues working no matter what’s put in its way. It’s a feature that gives it a real advantage over the competition.

A Home App

In today’s high tech world we’ve come to expect that all of our technology should be seamlessly integrated; with this high-end robot vacuum cleaner by Roomba that expectation is actually met. This model has a home app which you can use to control the machine’s settings and program its cleaning schedule. It does use Wi-Fi technology though, so you will have to connect it to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

A Three-Stage Cleaning Process

What makes this machine such a great cleaning robot is that it uses a three-stage cleaning process that’s highly effective. First the machine agitates the ground in front of it, breaking loose the particles of dirt on your floor. Then a brush pushes the dirt into the machine, and finally a powerful suction device suctions the dirt into the vacuum for removal. It’s an elegant process that will remove 99% of the dirt in its way.

Carpet Boost Technology

A feature that this vacuum has which I haven’t come across on any other models so far is something called “carpet boost technology” built in. The vacuum actually senses when it’s on carpet and will boost the airpower of the suction by up to 10 times its normal suction power. This type of increased suction makes it very effective for use on carpet where other similar units fail. It’s not hard for dirt to get ground into carpets and you need this type of powerful suction power to get out all the dirt that’s hiding inside of your carpet.

What You May Not Like

There aren’t too many problems with this little machine, but it’s not perfect. For one thing it’s quite noisy, so if you’re anticipating that a robot vacuum cleaner would operate quietly and without affecting its surroundings you’ll probably be disappointed with this model. On the other hand, if you set it to clean while you’re out of the home you won’t really have to worry about this. The other thing that some customers have complained about with this machine is that it doesn’t always know how to find its way back to the base for charging – that’s a little disappointing when this machine is supposed to be able to resume where it left off once recharged.

Works like a Dream

The Roomba 980 deserves to be considered one of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market. A lot of machines make claims about the great features they have, but fall short in reality. This machine has a lot of great features that actually work as they’re supposed to. It does a great job transitioning from hard floors to carpet, and the fact that it increases its suction power when it transitions to carpet is a major benefit. If you don’t mind paying a little more for a robot vacuum cleaner, this Roomba vacuum is worth every penny.