I’m always impressed when I see everyday items adopting the latest technology, as I’m definitely what you’d call a bit of a techie. I was excited when I found out about smart fridges, intelligent dishwashers, and smart TVs. There’s always something new just over the horizon and, frankly, I can’t wait to see what comes next. The introduction of robot vacuum cleaners was another major step forward in home cleaning technology in and of itself, but there are now robot vacuum cleaners that are far more advanced than we probably ever thought possible when they were first introduced into the consumer market.

One of the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners currently on the market is the Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum – this little machine is loaded with the latest technology. It’s probably easier to answer “What can’t it do?” than “What can it do for you?” It won’t come cheaply, though, as you can expect to pay around $700 for this one.

Full Control

We’ve already looked at a Neato brand vacuum cleaner on this site, but this particular model is definitely the cream of the crop in the company’s arsenal. Perhaps its biggest selling feature is that it allows you to fully control the machine from within an app on your smart phone. You simply download the app and you can control every aspect of the machine’s movement – you can even control it when you’re sitting at work. That means if you meant to set it to vacuum while you’re out for the day and forgot, you can simply access the app and start the ball rolling.

Clever Design

Most robot vacuum cleaners have a distinctive round shape; while that design works okay it’s not optimal in all cases. The Neato Botvac actually utilizes a unique D-shaped design that makes it much better at getting in the corners of your home. They call this technology CornerClever and that’s an apt description of what it does. It will get in tight to the corners and remove all the dirt from around your walls that other machines will leave behind.

Laser Smart Mapping

There are quite a few robot vacuum cleaners on the market that make use of smart mapping technology, but this model takes things to the next level. It can actually make adjustments with smart mapping technology based on real-time information as the situation in a room changes. It doesn’t simply map a room once and then forget about it – it continuously updates its mapping protocol every time it’s run. So even if you move things around this machine will still figure it out and clean your room thoroughly.

Eco-and Turbo Modes

This little vacuum by Neato has two distinct mode,s depending on what you’re trying to accomplish and how concerned you are with your effect on the environment. There is an eco-mode that causes the machine to run longer and quieter while saving energy, and there’s also a Turbo mode which basically turns on the afterburners, setting the machine to clean faster and with a more powerful suction. When you use the machine in eco-mode its battery will last for up to 120 minutes, but when you boost things up to turbo mode you’re likely to get about 90 minutes of use on one charge.

Full Scheduling

As we’ve already talked about above, this robot vacuum cleaner comes with a great app for controlling it remotely, and that isn’t limited to keeping track of its movements. You can also create a full cleaning schedule using the remote app as well. If you want to clean at a particular time each day – say 9am – you can do that, or if you prefer you can set it up so it only cleans once a week. It’s a very versatile machine, and when it cleans is entirely up to you.

Remembers Where It Left Off

Sometimes the vacuum may run low on power before it can complete the cleaning of your home. Don’t worry – this machine knows how to handle that as well. It has automatic resume technology which allows it to return to its base for charging and then go right back to finishing the cleaning job where it left off; it doesn’t start from the beginning. That eliminates one of the biggest criticisms that some people have with robot vacuum cleaners, especially if you have a larger home.

Watch out for Shiny Surfaces

Like almost all products this machine does have its critics. There are those that complain that it doesn’t do well when it comes into contact with shiny surfaces – in fact this may cause the machine to become stuck and confused. If you don’t have any shiny services in your home this won’t be a major issue, but it’s certainly something to keep in mind.

The other problem that some people have experienced with this vacuum is that the Wi-Fi technology doesn’t always work consistently. Every once in a while the machine has a tendency to lose its connection and that can definitely be a little frustrating if you’re away from home and want to program the machine to begin cleaning.

A True Breakthrough

While the Neato Botvac Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum may not be for everybody, it’s definitely the next step in robot vacuum cleaner technology. I was particularly impressed with the fact that this machine is able to detect objects in real-time and adjust its cleaning path based on them. Of course, the Wi-Fi integration is fantastic as well. If you’re not afraid to spend a little money this may be the best robot vacuum cleaner out there.