I’m not going to lie – I love remote controls and I think a lot of people share this type of obsession. Personally, I have remote controls for pretty much anything remotely technological in my life. I have a remote control for my Bluetooth speaker, I have remote controls for all of my TVs, I have a remote starter for my car, and I can even control my home’s thermostat using a remote app on my iPhone. The funny thing is, I don’t think I’m the exception to the rule – in fact, I think a lot of people have become quite dependent on their remotes just like I have.

The reason we like remotes is because they make our lives a lot easier. If we forget to record our favorite program we can simply access our programming guide remotely so that it’s ready for us when we get home. With all of the remote technology available to us, our lives have become a lot less frustrating. Now we can even find robot vacuum cleaners that come with remotes as well. There are a variety of different types of remotes included with robot vacuum cleaners and in this article we take a closer look at your options.

A Basic Remote

Many entry-level robot vacuum cleaners come with remotes that include very basic functionality. These types of remotes will allow you to start your machine in motion and very little else. They only work when you are in close proximity to the machine so you can’t program them from work or anything, but at the very least they will allow you to start the cleaning process while sitting on your couch. While this is a nice basic feature to have, personally I’m looking for something a little more aggressive.

Take the Vacuum by the Horns

Okay, the term really is to take the bull by the horns, but you get the idea. More advanced remote controls actually let you take the reins. I think of that remote control car you had as a kid – you were able to move the car forward, backward, and even side to side. I had quite a few of these as a kid and they were some of my favorite toys. Essentially, these more advanced robot vacuum cleaners allow you to control the movement of your handy little machine. Just like with those remote control cars when you were a kid, you can move them in any direction you like. This is particularly useful when your robot vacuum cleaner becomes stuck, or if it just seems to be missing one particular spot on your floor that you’d like to address.

Full-Functioning Remote Controls

The best remote controls for robot vacuum cleaners have a full range of functions. These types of remotes often allow you to choose from a select group of predetermined cleaning patterns as well as to create your own. With these advanced remotes you can also schedule your cleaning for whenever you want, whether it’s once a week or three times a week. The remote control essentially becomes an extension of your own person and is actually quite useful.

There Is an App for That

Perhaps the best types of remote controls that are now included with robot vacuum cleaners aren’t really actual remote controls at all. Instead, they are remote control apps that offer the same functionality as the better remote controls, as well as letting you truly control your device remotely.

In the example above I talked about being able to access my TV from work to set up a program to tape that I’d forgotten; with these same types of remote control apps you have access to your robot vacuum cleaner. That means if you’re at work and you forgot to set a cleaning schedule for your robot you can simply tap into your remote app and tell the robot vacuum cleaner to begin cleaning before you get home. These types of apps are generally only compatible with higher-end models, but they’re certainly a nice feature.

More Features Are Normally Better

I think any type of remote control is a great thing, but there’s no doubt that the remote control apps available on some higher-end robot vacuum cleaners are the best way to go. If you’ve got your heart set on a model like this, be prepared to pay upwards of $1000 and maybe even a little more. It all depends on what you’re looking for, but personally I’d consider saving up for a model that has this type of functionality as it really does increase your cleaning options and make your life a lot easier.

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