If you own a home with hardwood floors you probably notice from time to time a sheen of dust that tends to build up on them in between mopping. It can be a little uncomfortable on your toes and a little unsightly for your guests, but there’s little you can do about it other than mopping more frequently. If you’d rather keep the mopping to a minimum and still ensure that your floors remain clear of dust all the time, there is actually a whole host of automatic cleaning options out there.

Probably the most affordable robotic cleaner on the market is the O-Cedar O-Duster – this little machine can be purchased for less than $40 and it does a great job of cleaning your floors for you. It’s not a robotic vacuum cleaner in the same sense of other machines we review on this site, but it will do a great job of keeping your floors dust free.

Auto Navigation

The reason I’ve included this little machine on this site is because it is a cleaning machine and it does operate autonomously. That means you don’t have to worry about directing its motion in any way as it will automatically work its way around your home collecting dust as it goes. There is no remote control so you’ll have to trust this little machine to work its way around on its own. If it does become stuck for any reason you will have to get up and physically point it in the right direction again so that is a bit of a drawback, but if you put up a few obstacles this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Electrostatic Cloths

In order to clean, this particular unit utilizes something called electrostatic cloths. These cloths are attached to the bottom of the machine and they’re made of a material that creates an electrostatic charge as it moves; that electric current attracts dirt to it. Essentially, the dirt will cling to the cloth, removing it from your floor and leaving behind it a cleaner floor. The obvious drawback of this type of set up is that it doesn’t take long for the cloths to become covered in dirt – you’ll have to either replace the cloths often or find a way of removing the gathered dirt from the material.

Keep on Charging

What makes robotic cleaners so attractive is the fact that they’re completely cordless and this model is no exception. It runs on rechargeable batteries which hold their charge for at least an hour – more than enough to clean most floors. When it’s time to recharge the batteries you simply plug this unit in and it will be ready to go again in about four or five hours. Ideally, you’ll probably want to charge it while you’re at work so that it’s ready to go when you return home.

Truly Portable

If you have hardwood floors and tiles on your main level where your kitchen and living room are and you also have hardwood floors in your basement, you can quickly move this unit to either level to clean all of your floors. It only weighs in at about 1.9 pounds so it’s not difficult to move; it’s also quite compact so it will get into a lot of areas that regular of vacuum cleaners can’t go.

It Has Its Limitations

There are a couple of obvious drawbacks to the O-Cedar O-Duster. First of all, as we’ve talked about already, this machine does not work on carpets – it’s strictly for hard floors. It’s also completely lacking any kind of suction component so if you’re dealing with larger particles this machine is not appropriate for removing them from your floor. It does a great job of picking up fine dust particles, so if you’re planning on purchasing one it’s best to keep your floors constantly cleaned by using this every day.

Okay for Some Situations

This little cleaner is great as a maintenance tool, but not as a true all-purpose cleaning device. If you’re looking for something that can replace your vacuum cleaner this is definitely not for you, but if you just want something to keep your floors well-maintained on a daily basis then this machine will do the job. It’s small and lightweight and of course it’s cordless so you don’t need to worry about finding a place to plug it in. It’s not perfect, but it can be an effective tool in your cleaning arsenal.