Robotic vacuum cleaners really are an amazing piece of technology, but they’re not all created equal by any means – some are better than others. What I’m really looking for is a model that can recognize the obstacles in my home and work around them with minimal interaction between myself and the machine. I don’t mind having to help the machine along from time to time as long as there’s a remote, but for the most part it should do all the work. If this describes what you’re looking for as well, there are quite a few great options.

One of the best models on the market is the Samsung VR2AJ9020UG Powerbot Essential Robotic Vacuum. With its powerful suction technology and intelligent programming it’s designed to work autonomously in most environments, and so it’s not surprising that it has a large price tag. You can expect to pay just under $500 for this particular machine, so it’s probably not for everybody.

10 X the Suction

One of the biggest claims to fame of this particular robotic vacuum by Samsung is that it has 10 times the suction power of most of the major brands on the market today. That means it will pick up just about everything on your floors without leaving anything behind – there’s nothing more annoying than finishing the vacuuming only to notice that there are still dirty sections on your floor. This model does such a great job of removing anything in its path that there’s not much chance of that happening.

Powerful Mapping Technology

The VR2AJ9020UG has something called Visionary Mapping Plus, which actually enables the machine to fully map your home so that it understands the environment around it and learns which obstacles it needs to avoid. It also uses full view sensors, which give it a greater perspective on the objects around it and enable it to make adjustments even when you add things to the environment that weren’t there before. This really is a smart little machine that will learn and grow as your home changes over the years; there’s no need to worry if you decide to rearrange the furniture – this machine can handle the change.

Hurricane Force Power

As we’ve already mentioned this little machine has 10 times the suction power of most machines on the market today, but it also has a feature called CycloneForce that gives it consistent, reliable power to help prevent clogging. Many other models have a tendency to become bogged down when they come in contact with larger dirt challenges and that’s mostly due to their inconsistent power levels and poor suction capability. This machine is designed to break through those barriers and keep going on with the cleaning job it was meant to do.

A Mini Tank

One consistent problem that I’ve noticed with most robotic vacuums is that they don’t do a good job of transitioning from one room to another, especially if there’s any kind of lip in their way. This machine overcomes these types of obstacles with ease because it has nice large wheels that actually raise the machine above the obstacle and keep right on rolling as if it wasn’t even there. The front wheels are small, but the back wheels are much larger to give the machine that extra push it needs to keep rolling. In fact, I haven’t come across any other robotic vacuum cleaner that does a better job of handling room transitions than this one – it’s like a mini tank.

Pet Hair? No Problem

My sister-in-law is a dog breeder and while she always has hardwood floors in her home, no matter how hard she tries it doesn’t take long before her floors are soon covered in dog hair. Let’s just say I’ve never met a woman who vacuums more often than her and I’ve no doubt that she would benefit from a robot vacuum cleaner. The problem with some models is that they don’t handle long pet hair so well as it tends to get tangled in the bristles and clog up the machine. This Samsung model has a motorized combo brush that’s actually designed specifically with pet hair in mind – the bristles won’t get tangled up easily and the machine will keep right on going no matter how long the pet hair is. I’ll definitely be recommending this model to my sister.

Perfect for Hardwood or Carpet

One of the most frustrating things I’ve run into while trying to find the perfect robot vacuum for our home is that most of them don’t do a very good job of cleaning carpets – they’re primarily designed for hard surfaces or low pile carpets. Unfortunately, our upstairs bedrooms and office are covered in plush carpet. Most of the models I’ve found so far simply aren’t designed to work on this type of surface. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Samsung Powerbot had more than adequate power to keep right on rolling over my type of carpet. It’s nice to know that you don’t need one cleaning device for your hardwood floors and a different one for the carpets.

You Can Be The Pilot

If you prefer to be the pilot of this little robotic vacuum cleaner then you’ll be happy to know that it comes with a remote control. This control allows you to move the vacuum in any direction you like without actually having to touch the vacuum yourself. It’s certainly not the only robotic vacuum cleaner with a remote control, but when you consider this along with all of its other great features, it puts this machine in a class of its own. It really does seem to have most bases covered.

Clean for an Hour

One of the minor drawbacks with this machine is that it doesn’t have the longest lasting battery on the market. Under normal conditions your battery charge will last about an hour; decent, but there are models that last a little bit longer. On the positive side it does move a little quicker than some of the other more expensive models on the market because of its intelligent mapping software and because of its larger wheels, so 60 minutes in most cases is more than adequate. The other great thing is that it only takes about three hours to charge, so even if you do run out of power before it completes the job you don’t have to wait all day to start using it again.

What You Won’t like

There are a couple of issues with this machine that did surprise me, though. For one thing it doesn’t have any kind of scheduling capability, which seems like a major oversight. Almost all of the other robot vacuum cleaners in this price range allow you to program them for up to seven days in advance, so this is a major shortcoming with this particular machine.

The other thing that’s a bit of a concern is that it doesn’t come with any boundary markers or virtual walls as some of these other models do. That means if you want to be sure that it won’t wander into a room that you don’t want it to have access to, you’ll have to put physical barriers in the way. As we’ve already said, it does include intelligent mapping software so this probably isn’t as big a deal as it could be.

A Great Choice

In my opinion the Samsung VR2AJ9020UG Powerbot is one of the best models I’ve it had a chance to review. I love the fact that it has nice big wheels that help it to transition between rooms, and it’s also nice to know that it will work just as well on carpet as it does on hardwood. It would be nice if the battery lasted a little longer, but I’m not overly concerned. Overall, this seems to be one of the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market.